Designed by inventor Dave Goldie and tested by engineer Jeremy Sparks, the Bam Clam prototype was made with polyester resin and saw dust.

The connector requires only one bolt, reducing construction time and eliminating the need for skilled labour. The knob and knuckle system ensures that the stresses are distributed evenly, preventing the bamboo struts from splitting. Tests revealed that the connector was capable of carrying point loads of 220kg.

To fit the clamp, a ball socket is cast at the end of each strut, ensuring a perfect fit with the clamp. This overcomes irregularities inherent in any natural element such as variation in the diameter of the bamboo struts. Stress tests have already been carried out with different natural fibres and Bam Clam 1 is now at a stage where it is ready to manufacture in resin with hemp and coconut fibre or bamboo shavings.