Cave Urban Folio #1 - 'Bamboo and Lightweight Structures'

The first Cave Urban research folio 'Bamboo and Lightweight Structures' was compiled in order to share information on bamboo as a resource and design material. The folio is an exploration of projects by architects, designers and communities across the world, focusing on historical and modern vernacular building techniques using a variety of materials. It is the first of three folios and includes our own research into bamboo and lightweight structures with the resulting prototypes, mentors, concepts and field trips.

The books and links listed below are what we consider most useful in our own research into bamboo and lightweight structures:




Alessandro Rocca – Natural Architecture
Marcelo Villegas – Guadua: Arquitectura y Diseno
Vitra Design Museum – Grow Your Own House
David Suzuki – The Autobiography
Paul Memmott – Gunyah Goondie and Wurley
Philip Jodidio – Shigeru Ban: Complete Works 1985-2010
Enrico Guidoni – Primitive Architecture
William McDonough & Michael Braungart – Cradle to Cradle
University of Stuttgart, director Frei Otto – IL 31 Bambus – Bambu
Oscar Hidalgo Lopez – Gift of the Gods
Joe Earle – New Bamboo



International Network for Bamboo and Rattan –
Tree Hugger –
Tectonica: architecture, technology and construction – (spanish)
Design Boom: design, architecture, art, photography and graphics –
Marco Cassagrande –
International Network for Bamboo and Rattan –
Desert Domes –
24H homepage –
Vo Trong Nghia homepage –
Construction with Bamboo –
Advanced Bamboo applications –
Generation Bambou – (french)
Jörg Stamm –
Bamboo Database –
Bamboo Database –
Faculty of Architecture RWTH
Giant Grass –
Ibuku, green school builders –
Environmental bamboo foundation –
Amercian Bamboo Society –