The Hot House, Dark MOFO 2015


 The concept.

The idea of the Hothouse project is to bring creative minds together in a fertile environment that, in three days, will achieve a quality of thinking and outcomes that would normally take weeks or even months.

 The reality.

The location, the time of year, and the nature of the work taking place inside the Hothouse dictates the need for the space to be warm, dry, well lit and WIFI enabled.Ventilation and airflow are vital considerations: there will be at least 20 people working in the Hothouse at any one time, with as many as 50 people present during ‘handover’ stages.

 The structure.

The structure that houses this process should clearly have its conceptual essence in an actual hothouse. It doesn’t need to be as literal as a decked out polly tunnel from Bunnings. But it will be a re-imagined, re-purposed, inspired interpretation that has drawn its DNA from an actual hothouse. It will be a beautifully inspired blend of form and function.