Near Kin Kin, Art and About Sydney 2015


Near Kin Kin  draws its name, inspiration, and organic materials from a humble hillside farm outside of Kin Kin, Queensland – where prodigious stands of bamboo invoke awe in anyone who stands beneath them.

Near Kin Kin brings a sense of that wonder to a soaring 22-metre sculpture, standing on the forecourt of historic Customs House Square. Viewed from the outside, the sculpture gives pause to reflect on the forests that stood here for millennia, in contrast with the rise and domination of the built environment that began in Sydney Cove with the first felling of trees in 1788.

Venturing inside Near Kin Kin, visitors are transported to a wilder place and time as they step onto a leafy forest floor and gaze upward to the soaring bamboo.

Near Kin Kin is a powerful moment to reflect on the many layers of Sydney Cove’s history, both visible and invisible.


The building of Near Kin Kin was possible thanks to the help of City of Sydney,  Event Engineering, Marco Steel, AOR Cranes & Rigging, Juan Fabrellas and Nik, Steph-Valerie-Thaib from the Boo Crew and the amazing work of our volunteers:

Andrew Macklin
Donna Smit
Jack Golding
Meggie Redgment
Pascale Roberts
Giselle Moore
Claire Munro
Matt Brooks
Melissa Jin
Jack Drury
Jack Piper
Dan Nixon
Sam Hudson
Ludmilla Ivanovich
Qu Faraday
Annette Loudon
Nicole Cusack
Kai Wasikowski
Andrej Gergo
Ally Bercich
Timaru Kawashima
Oliver Hanran
Steve Szell
Oscar Wood
Nathan Gao
Austin Tang
Dara Wei
John de los Reyes

The Making of Near Kin Kin

300 pieces of bamboo turn into a gravity-defying tower for Near Kin Kin... How did Cave Urban do it? Watch and learn.

Posted by City of Sydney on Monday, 21 September 2015