Save Our Souls, Bondi 2014

Save Our Souls (SOS) is a 12 metre tall bamboo lighthouse sculpture that has been erected on the headland in Marks Park for October's Sculpture by the Sea exhibition.


The image of a blinded lighthouse with its housing sheared off yet still tenuously blinking alludes to a warning not simply of the perils awaiting those seeking safe harbour but of ignominy for those who seek to deny them.

It is a reflection upon the plight of those who come to our country seeking shelter from oppression, that we so callously send away. Something that is all the more relevant as our government attempts to increase the fear and tension between the different communities that make Australia such a fantastic, diverse country.  


Save Our Souls Melbourne 

After S.O.S was exhibited as part of Sculptures by the Sea 2014 it was transport and installed as part as a privet collection in Melbourne where S.O.S reconnects with its natural environment.