Woven Cloud, artist Wang Wen-Chih, Woodford 2014-15

Taiwanese artist Wang Wen-Chih returned to Woodford one year after the creation of the beautiful Woven Sky to build his next creation Woven Cloud in collaboration with Cave Urban.

Like Summer’s thunderheads that build-up in the southwest and sweep across Woodfordia to relieve a sweltering day, Woven Cloud builds the expectations of festival goers approaching the Welcome Gate. Inside, where the soaring cloud’s silhouette creeps over the cool cross-hatched shade, is a space of calm before the storm of revelry, a place for reflection and dreaming.

Woven Cloud was built in just over three weeks with the help of 40 volunteers and Wen-Chih's team of nine from Chiayi County, Taiwan. Constructed from 800 locally harvested bamboo poles and 600 invasive pine trees whose removal from Woodfordia's own forest will make way for native bush regeneration.


Wang Wen-Chih and Cave Urban members Juan Pablo Pinto and Jed Long where interviewed by the ABC about their work at Woodfordia.